Proasis is on hand to resolve any issues which may have occurred on your domestic or commercial property due to Storm damaged trees, in particular Storm damaged trees which have fallen into lakes and ponds.

If you have a large pond or lake on your property which is surrounded by trees, the likelihood is during high winds, a tree or more is going to fall. Proasis can carry out a site visit and assess the storm damage, work out a solution to the fallen tree. We are on hand 24/7 emergency call out service should an incident occur after normal working hours.

We can carry out maintenance on the trees throughout the year with the aim to preserve the safety and when required we can remove storm damaged trees.

Proasis has the equipment to chip the trees on site and remove any debris.

Proasis has fully equipped 4×4 vehicle, this means we can gain access to areas such as edges of ponds and lakes and access sites causing minimum disturbance to the environment. Proasis can carry out tree surgery in areas that are protected or SSSI.

Using our contacts in Arbourist industry, we can call upon aid if we required to bring in larger machinery such as 360 degree tracked excavators and bulldozers for larger projects if required.

Proasis is a small friendly local contractor who works alongside other contractors. We hold public liability insurance, so you get the peace of mind that we’re covered when carrying out your project.

Site-specific risk assessments are carried out prior to work commencing. Proasis follows safe working procedures and use only the highest quality tools, equipment and PPE.