Heres some hints on how to create a hedgehog friendly garden and how Proasis can supply you with a hedgehog house

Proasis has nature conservation at its heart – hedgehogs are rapidly declining a tragic fact for a mammal which has been around for millions of years.

They are primarily insectivores, but will eat a variety of different animal and plant matter when available. They are nocturnal and spend most of the day sleeping and become active at dusk.

Habitat: mainly woodland habitats, hedgerows, fields, parks, town and country gardens. Description: distinctive spiny coat; long, coarse hair on face and underparts. Food: slugs, snails, caterpillars, beetles, earthworms, birds’ eggs; sometimes frogs, snakes and carrion.

They may be found under piles of logs, under the garden shed, in piles of leaves or in compost heaps. During the day they may also use patches of long grass for resting in – so if you are strimming long grass please check for hedgehogs to avoid any nasty injuries to them. Hedgehogs may include your garden in their nightly foraging rounds; they can travel up to 2km (1 1/4miles) a night. If you do have such a night-time visitor you will probably hear their snuffling as they feed or move about, they are reputed to be fairly noisy!

Dangers to hedgehogs in the garden

Hedgehogs face several dangers in the garden and it is important to be aware of these:

  • Strimmers. If you have let a patch of grass grow long PLEASE CHECK before strimming. Hedgehogs have suffered very distressing injuries as a result of strimmers, often resulting in them having to be put down.
  • Hedgehogs like to like in the long grass during the day, so check through it carefully either by hand or sweeping a stick gently backwards and forwards. At certain times of year this will also have the added benefit ofdetecting any frogs or froglets that have hidden there.
  • Bonfires. If you have been collecting wood for a bonfire, check it before you light it. Woodpiles are regarded as ideal shelter by hedgehogs.
  • Ponds and swimming pools. If your pond or pool only has steep sides a hedgehog that falls in will drown. At the very minimum, please make sure you have a piece of chicken wire shallowly angled so that hedgehogs can use it to climb out of the pond. Preferably, make sure your pond has at least one sloping side. If there is any likelihood that hedgehogs can access the swimming pool, either consider covering it, or put some chicken wire slopes in there as well.